60+ Waheguru Quotes on Life, Karma and Death


Waheguru came into the world at a time when people were in dire need of guidance. He became light, the man of God, who taught the real meaning of life, love, and worship to the people. At present, too, his words of wisdom in Waheguru Quotes help people deal with tough situations in life.

When in trouble, look no further than the most serene and comforting Waheguru quotes, which will help you pass all difficult times with a smile on your face. The soothing words of Ik Onkar will help you relax in just seconds if you ever face trouble or anxiety in life.

Today, we bring to you some great Waheguru quotes, which you can use to comfort yourself or your loved ones or share on Whatsapp, Instagram, or Facebook to make every person on your feed feel blessed! 

Waheguru Quotes about Inner Peace

Waheguru has always taught its disciples to live a happy and peaceful life, thinking about others. He has promoted charity and donation and always said that people who think about others tend to receive immense love from him. Below is some amazing Waheguru quotes that you can read on a daily basis or send to anyone in the form of status, quotes, or messages. 

1. My prayer, your gratuity; my mistake, your mercy! 

Quotes by Waheguru on mistakes

2. Waheguru knows everything about your mind, body, and soul. Waheguru is the only one who knows how to solve your troubles. 

Quotes by Waheguru on soul

3. The one who waits, Waheguru, gives him a reason to be grateful. 

Quotes by Waheguru on wisdom

4. Prayer from the heart can float a sinking ship; we are merely sinking human beings. 

Quotes by Waheguru on heart

5. Only the love you have with Waheguru is the most pious and successful love. 

Quotes by Waheguru on love

6. Waheguru demands your gratefulness on good days and your patience on bad days. 

Quotes by Waheguru on patience

7. Belief in Waheguru is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. 

Quotes by Waheguru on belief

8. To succeed and stay happy in life, all you need is unending trust in life that Waheguru is always holding your hands. 

Quotes by Waheguru on happiness

9. Don’t los hope if it’s your bad time. Waheguru is yours, he won’t make you cry for long! 

Quotes by Waheguru on hope

10. I can’t see any other support other than my beloved Waheguru. He holds my hand and saves me when no one else comes to my rescue. 

Quotes by Waheguru on support

11. When you bow down your head in front of Waheguru, he gives you everything you want in your heart without you even asking for it. 

Quotes by Waheguru on prayer

12. How should I thank you, dear Waheguru? You helped with hold my head up even in the gravest of situations. 

Quotes by Waheguru on situations in life

13. Every person who knocks on your door, you fulfil all their wishes. Dear Waheguru, do not send me back empty-handed. 

Quotes by Waheguru on faith

14. We should not think about what others think of us but only what Waheguru thinks of us! 

Quotes by Waheguru on trust

15. Worry about your sins, as money will not go with you after your death, but your sins will. 

Quotes by Waheguru on death

16. Grateful to Waheguru for being the ray of light in my darkest hours. 

Quotes by Waheguru on gratefulness

17. Oh Waheguru, bestow me with humility in happy times and courage in sorrowful times. 

Quotes by Waheguru on humility

18. Even if one praises Waheguru for a whole lifetime, the amount of praise will be very little compared to what he deserves. 

Quotes by Waheguru on lifetime

19. Only speak words that will bring honour to you.

Only speak words that will bring honor to you.

20. We should all try to become Human Beings before becoming Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, or Christians. 

Quotes by Waheguru on becoming humans

Inspirational Waheguru Quotes

The best inspiration anyone can get from is Waheguru, and he is the master of all souls and of the world. When you are in a bad time or need the inspiration to live your life in the best manner, these inspirational Waheguru quotes help you find the right path. They come as a ray of hope and inspiration in difficult times. 

21. Every person in the world is either our friend or associate; anyone who thinks otherwise is on the wrong path. 

Quotes by Waheguru on world

22. Waheguru is responsible for providing sustenance for every individual. 

23. Waheguru is the support for the rich and the sustenance for the poor. 

Quotes by Waheguru on poor

24. Even an ant who has realized God is mightier than a human fails to recognize Waheguru. 

Quotes by Waheguru on god

25. God is one. He is omnipresent, and he is responsible for running everything in this world. 

26. Good times and bad times are in God’s hands, but your response to those times is in your hands. Never forget to worship Waheguru, in the good and in the bad. 

Quotes by Waheguru on worship

27. Waheguru, you are my today, tomorrow, and the solution to all my sorrow! 

Waheguru quotes on sorrow

28. The people at the top may get everything, but the people at the bottom get Waheguru’s support. 

Waheguru quotes on support

29. Every action of Waheguru has a motive behind it, which is far away from what the human mind can comprehend. 

Waheguru quotes on human mind

30. Oh, Waheguru, ensure that I never have to beg in front of anyone but you in my life!

Waheguru quotes on life

31. If you are always good to the people around you, rest assured that Waheguru will be good to you. 

32. He who has unending faith in Waheguru will never fail in life. 

Waheguru quotes on failure in life

33. Waheguru is the only truth that matters. He has been true for centuries, and he will remain the most vital truth till the end of the world. 

Waheguru quotes on truth

34. Remember Waheguru with each breath; who knows how many of your breaths are remaining? 

Waheguru quotes on life

35. Thank Waheguru for everything he gave to you, everything he didn’t give, and everything he took away after giving to you. 

Waheguru quotes on gratitude

36. Hey Waheguru, tell me when I am wrong, correct my mistakes, and always guide me on the right path. 

Waheguru quotes on mistakes

37. He who has Waheguru as his friend will never face any sorrow. He who has Waheguru by his side will stand strong even in tornadoes. 

Waheguru quotes on sorrow

38. Pray that the merciful sight of Waheguru always falls on you and your family, as only he can make your life worth living.

Waheguru quotes on family

39. Always donate a part of what to earn to be in the good eyes of Waheguru. He will give you double what you donate.  

Waheguru quotes on donation

40. Fear and faith are two different things. Have faith in Waheguru, but do not fear him. 

Waheguru quotes on fear

Positive Waheguru Quotes

Waheguru is the constant source of positive energy, which helps humans cross every difficult path in life. When you have trust in Waheguru, nothing can go wrong in your life. Still, if you are upset and feel like you are losing patience, read these comforting Waheguru quotes or send them to the people who need them for a dose of positivity in your life. 

41. Waheguru, do not let me witness even a day when I do not remember you with my heart. 

42. Any clocksmith can correct your watch, but only one clocksmith- Waheguru- can correct your time! 

Waheguru quotes on time

43. Don’t fear; Waheguru is there to support you in your highs and your lows. 

Waheguru quotes on fear in life

44. When you start walking on the right path with the blessings of Waheguru, he ensures to clear all the obstacles from your way. 

Waheguru quotes on blessings

45. If things don’t go as you planned them, consider it as a blessing in disguise from Waheguru. 

Waheguru quotes on blessings

46. Waheguru is always there to direct you, provide for you and correct you in life. 

Waheguru quotes on blessings

47. You do not need to say anything to Waheguru. He is omniscient and knows everything that resides in your heart. 

48. Leave your past behind and move on. Waheguru has planned excellent things for you in the coming future. 

Waheguru quotes on past

49. Waheguru wants us to live our lives with smiles on our faces and gratitude in our hearts. 

Waheguru quotes on life and gratitude

50. Life becomes delightful when you start acknowledging the presence of Waheguru in every living and non-living thing that you see around you! 

Waheguru quotes on delighfulness

51. Know that all your problems are created by Waheguru, and only he can solve them. Worship him each day, and he will be your helping hand. 

Waheguru quotes on problems

52. People who speak positive words and do positive actions are the favorite people of Waheguru. 

Waheguru quotes on positivity

53. Praise Waheguru in whatever circumstances you are in, and let his holy spirit enter your heart and body and make it pious. 

Waheguru quotes on heart

54. Humility, forgiveness, and sweet speech make you a man of God. 

Waheguru quotes on speech

55. The role of Waheguru in everyone’s life is supreme, and without him, no one can cross over the other shore and attain peace. 

Waheguru quotes on peace

56. Stop asking for materialistic things from Waheguru. Beg for his love, as if Waheguru becomes yours, everything automatically becomes yours. 

Waheguru quotes on love

57. Be happy with what Waheguru gives you and what he doesn’t, as he has your best interest in mind. 

Waheguru quotes on happiness

58. Oh, Waheguru, I just want you by my side and nothing else! 

59. One who has lived his life on the path led by Waheguru is never afraid of death. 

Waheguru quotes on death

60. Become the servant of his servants and sings the songs of joy to Waheguru to be in his best wishes always. 

61. Your love for Waheguru, your prayers, and your service at his abode (Gurudwara) is what make you a true God’s man. 

Waheguru quotes on gurudwara

62. Hey Waheguru, give me the strength to cross the good and bad times. 

Waheguru quotes on strength

Final Words

Our love for Waheguru must be never-ending, and with the help of these Waheguru quotes, you can ensure that your belief in him remains as robust as ever.  There are a total of 10 Gurus in Sikhism whose words have inspired many generations.

These positive and inspirational quotes give you the hope, happiness, and smile to make your day, your week or even your whole life delightful. They will inspire you like Hanuman Ji Quotes and Mahadev Quotes in your daily life.

You can share these as status with your family and friends, and who knows whom you will end up inspiring through the help of these best Waheguru quotes! 



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