85+ Radha Krishna Quotes in English on Love & Life

Radha and Krishna are two divine figures in Hinduism who are considered to be the embodiment of love, devotion, and compassion. Radha Krishna quotes are legendary, and their teachings continue to inspire people all over the world. These Radha Krishna Quotes in English and sayings attributed to love are full of unconditional love and insight into life, love, and spirituality.

Lord Krishna Quotes possess the power to inspire and uplift even during life’s most challenging moments. In this article, we will explore some of the most profound Radha Krishna quotes in English and discuss their significance in today’s world.

Lord Krishna Quotes about Blessings

1. I may not give you all the things in the world, but my love will always be yours till eternity.

Meaning: I might not be able to provide everything, but my divine love for you is endless and constant.

Radha Krishna quote on world

2. Just think of it this way; What I don’t give you is also a blessing.

Meaning: As per these radha krishna quotes sometimes, not receiving something can be beneficial in ways we may not understand.

Radha Krishna quote on blessing

3. I wish to close my eyes and see you every day.

Meaning: I long for your presence and the happiness it brings to me daily.

Radha Krishna quote on love

4. Your heart is precious, and your love is divine. Do not give it to those who do not deserve it.

Meaning: These Lord Krishna Quotes in English will teach you to be careful with whom you share your divine love, as it is valuable and should be cherished by someone worthy.

Radha Krishna quote on heart

5. Wait for the time when you will meet a person who will change your life.

Meaning: This radha krishna quote teaches you to be patient, and eventually, you will find someone who transforms your life for the better.

Krishna Radhe quotes on life

6. If I have one wish, then I want to live this life with you.

Meaning: If given the chance, I would choose to spend my entire life by your side.

Krishna Radhe quotes on life

7. Whatever comes, let it come, and whatever goes, let it go. Embrace it with all your heart.

Meaning: As per these radha krishna quotes you should accept life’s ups and downs with an open heart as per these lords krishna quotes and make the best of whatever comes your way.

Krishna Radhe quotes on heart

8. I can understand your silence and feel you when you speak nothing.

Meaning: As per this radha krishna quote the holy god can sense your emotions and thoughts, even when you don’t express them with words.

Krishna Radhe quotes on silence

9. Without you, my joy is nothing, and with you, my sorrow is nothing.

Meaning: These lord krishna quotes presence brings happiness and eases any pain or sadness I may feel.

Krishna Radhe quotes on joy

10. With you, a simple life is a happy life, and without you, everything is nothing.

Meaning: Your presence makes even the simplest life joyful, while your absence makes everything seem meaningless.

Krishna Radhe quotes on happy life

11. I am apart from you, but I am sure that our heart beats together.

Meaning: As per these lord krishna quotes in English we may be separated, but our hearts are still connected and in sync.

Krishna Radhe quotes on heart

12. My calmness rests in your eyes, and my heart beats only for you till death.

Meaning: Your gaze brings me peace, and my love for you will last until the end of my life.

Krishna Radhe quotes on death

13. Things end, and people change, but my love for you will be there forever.

Meaning: As per the teachings of these lord krishna quotes in English life changes but radha krishna and his divine love for Radha will always remain constant.

Krishna Radhe quotes

14. I have seen you in the shadows and heard you in the echoes. Without you, I am nothing, and my life has no purpose.

Meaning:  These lord krishna quotes presence gives meaning and purpose to my life, even when you are not physically present.

Krishna Radhe quotes

15. I am on a journey of love with a beginning but no end.

Meaning: as per these radha krishna quotes love of Krishna for Radha will continue endlessly.

Krishna Radhe quotes on journey

 Quotes about Divine Feeling

16. I wonder how your smile takes away my pain, and your hug makes me feel in heaven.

Meaning: These divine love krishna quote in English teach us that our affection and warmth have the power to alleviate any hurt I feel.

Krishna Radhe quotes on heaven

17. I wish someone searching for you could look into my eyes and find you someday. You someday come into my heart and never leave again.

Meaning: I hope that one day you’ll enter my life and become a permanent part of my heart.

Krishna Radhe quotes on heart

18. Life is run by emotions and feelings, and in the long term, the power of love will win above all other factors.

Meaning:  These lord krishna quotes in English teach you that love is a powerful force that ultimately triumphs over other aspects of life.

Krishna Radhe quotes on emotions

19. I am present in every sphere, living and non-living. If you want to love me, then love every soul in the world.

Meaning: As per this radha krishna quote when you truly love someone, you must also have love and compassion for all living beings.

Krishna Radhe quotes on soul

20. Things will keep on happening in life but take time to love people, family, and friends. They are the ones that will stand by you in tough times.

Meaning: Prioritize nurturing relationships with loved ones, as they will support you during difficult times.

Krishna Radhe quotes on family

21. Love does not mean marriage, but dedication with full devotion. It is not only a word but an admiration of oneness in the soul.

Meaning: Divine love is about commitment and devotion as per this radha krishna quote, transcending formalities and focusing on the deep connection between souls.

Krishna Radhe quotes on devotion

22. Worship your love, adore it, enjoy it, and praise it for the rest of your life. Respect and courage will make your love immortal in the world.

Meaning: This Radha Krishna quotes brings cherish and celebrate divine love. The combination of respect and bravery will make it everlasting.

Krishna Radhe quotes on worship

23. Love is not bondage; it is freedom in every sense. It is not restricted in any form or ritual, the true love will help you grow in the ways unimaginable.

Meaning: Genuine and divine love as per radha krishna quote is liberating and unrestricted and encourages growth beyond any expectations.

Krishna Radhe quotes on freedom

24. When you love someone, love them with all your heart. Do not try to gain anything; rather, lose yourself in the process to find peace.

Meaning: Radha Krishna love quotes selflessly, without seeking personal gain, and immerse yourself in the experience to discover inner peace.

Krishna Radhe quotes on peace

25. Love the soul, not the body, as the former will stay till eternity, while the latter will vanish one day.

Meaning: Focus on loving a person’s essence rather than their physical appearance, as the soul is eternal, while the body is temporary.

Krishna Radha love quotes

26. A person in love will love everyone in this world. A love done to only one person is a manipulation of words and disloyalty in an indirect form.

Meaning: True love expands beyond a single person as per this radha krishna quote, embracing divine love and compassion for all beings.

Krishna Radhe quotes on world

27. Patience and Persistence will grow your love and help it to become strong. There should be no regret if, in the end, you get love for your efforts.

Meaning: Nurturing love takes time and determination, and any effort made for divine love is worthwhile.

Krishna Radhe quotes on patience

28. Love will bring change in your life only if you learn to love without fear or doubts. An unsure love is no love at all.

Meaning: As per this radha krishna quote in order to experience the transformative power of divine love, one must love without hesitation or uncertainty.

Krishna Radhe quotes on love

29. The first stage of love is missing someone with all your heart. If you do not feel discomfort in their absence, then you are not truly in love.

Meaning: If you don’t miss someone deeply when they’re away, it may not be genuine and divine love.

Krishna Radhe quotes on absense

30. Love promises you to share every joy and pain. This is the relationship that will stay till death and beyond in its purest form.

Meaning: Lord Krishna quote shares that it is a commitment to sharing both happiness and sorrow, forming a lasting bond that transcends death.

Krishna Radhe quotes on sharing

Quotes on Trust

31. Respect and Trust are the pillars of love. You cannot expect love to grow if you have these pillars missing from your life.

Meaning: A strong foundation of respect and trust is essential for divine love to flourish.

Krishna Radhe quotes on respect

32. Sometimes, the absence of your soulmate is necessary to make them realize your value. Excess of everything is bad, and things become valuable when they are rare.

Meaning: Distance can help a person appreciate the value of their partner, as scarcity increases perceived worth.

Krishna Radhe quotes on soulmate

33. A mixture of sunlight, water, minerals, and other factors is important for a plant to grow. In love, things like trust, respect, devotion, courage, and loyalty are needed to grow your love.

Meaning: Just as plants require various elements to grow, divine love needs a combination of trust, respect, devotion, courage, and loyalty to thrive.

34. Just keep calm and do your deeds; whatever belongs to you will be yours one day in some or the other way.

Meaning: Stay focused on your actions and trust that what’s meant for you will come your way eventually.

Quotes by Krishna and Radha on love

35. Love is nothing but feelings, emotions, and care. The day you stop feeling these feelings for someone, your love will end.

Meaning: Divine love is a combination of emotions and care; when those emotions fade, so does love.

Quotes by Krishna and Radha on feelings

36. Punishment, war, and hatred cannot satisfy the heart of a person. One has to forgive and love to attain inner peace in this world.

Meaning:  This Lord Krishna quote tells that forgiveness and divine love are essential for finding inner peace, as negative emotions cannot bring true contentment.

Quotes by Krishna and Radha on peace

37. Your relationship should always be bigger than the clashes, egos, disputes, and even from the individuals involved in it together. That is the only way relationships work in this life.

Meaning: For a relationship to succeed, it must be valued above any conflicts or ego-driven issues between the people involved.

Quotes by Krishna and Radha on relationship

38. What is lovely about this journey is the soulmate I am having to walk together. You make my paths more enjoyable than my destinations.

Meaning: The beauty of this lord krishna quotes lies in the companion with whom you share it, making the experience more enjoyable than the destination itself.

Quotes by Krishna and Radha on love

39. My flute is nothing but just a tune of your melody. It plays your love, words, emotions, and care with a message that I am here for you till eternity.

Meaning: The speaker’s expression of divine love is like a flute playing a melody inspired by their beloved, conveying an eternal promise of support and devotion.

Quotes by Krishna and Radha on love

Whatsapp Status on Krishna Radha

40. Radha Krishna quotes tells us an eternal love story that transcends time and space. 💕

41. My heart dances to the divine melody of Radha and Krishna’s love. 🎶

42. Radha and Krishna’s love is a beacon of light in this world, guiding us to find our pure love. 💖

43. With Radha in my heart and Krishna by my side, I am never alone. 🌟

44. When I think of Radha-Krishna, I am reminded that true love is selfless and eternal. 💫

45. The love of Radha-Krishna is a reminder to cherish every moment with our loved ones. ❤️

46. Radha Krishna quotes on love teach us the importance of devotion and surrender. 🙏

47. Immersed in the divine love of Radha-Krishna, I find peace and happiness. 🕊️

48. Just like Radha and Krishna, may our love be eternal and unbreakable. 💞

49. Radha-Krishna’s divine love is a guiding light, leading us to the unconditional love. ✨

50. Radha-Krishna: A love so pure, it transcends all boundaries. 🌺

51. The love story of Radha-Krishna is the ultimate symbol of pure love and devotion. 🌸

52. May the selfless love of Radha-Krishna fill our hearts and souls. 💓

53. Radha Krishna quotes on love teach us to cherish the moments we share with our loved ones the divine wisdom. 🌼

54. In the embrace of Radha-Krishna’s love, I find solace and strength for unconditional love. 💗

55. The selfless love of Radha-Krishna is a testament to the power of love and devotion for human beings. 🌹

56. May our selfless love bloom like the beautiful lotus in the divine lake of Radha-Krishna’s love. 🌷

57. Radha Krishna quotes in English on love as a reminder that true love is selfless, eternal, and unconditional pure love.💟

58. Let us celebrate the selfless love of Radha and Krishna, a love that transcends time and space. 🌠

59. The love of Radha-Krishna is a testament to the power of devotion and surrender to unconditional love. 🙌

60. Radha Krishna quotes love as the epitome of divine romance, inspiring us to love deeply and selflessly. 💕🌟

61. My soul is forever entwined with the divine love of Radha and Krishna. 💖✨

62. May the blessings of Radha-Krishna’s pure love fill our lives with joy and devotion. 🌸🌼

63. Just like Radha found her eternal love in Krishna, may we find our soulmates in this lifetime as human beings. 💑

64. May the enchanting self love story of Radha-Krishna guide us toward eternal love and devotion. 🌟💕

65. Radha Krishna quotes tells a pure love story that inspires us to find the divine within ourselves. ✨

66. In the sacred land of Vrindavan, Radha and Krishna’s love quotes blossom for eternity. 🌺

67. Radha-Krishna love quotes transcend all barriers and unite two souls for eternity. 💖

68. May the divine melody of Radha and Krishna’s love fill our hearts with joy and unconditional love. 🎶

69. The love story of Radha-Krishna is a reminder that true love is eternal and has divine wisdom. 💫

70. Radha-Krishna’s love teaches us the beauty of surrender and the power of devotion. 🌟🙏

71. With the blessings of Radha-Krishna’s unconditional love, may our love flourish and grow stronger every day. 💞

72. Radha-Krishna’s eternal love story and divine love is a reminder that true love conquers all obstacles. 💓

The enchanting love of Radha and Krishna fills my heart with divine bliss. ✨💖

73. Unconditional love of Radha Krishna’s love quotes inspires us to love selflessly and wholeheartedly. 🌹

74. Radha-Krishna Divine wisdom: A love story that is the epitome of eternal devotion and divine union. 🌸💕

75. In the divine presence of Radha-Krishna, all worldly worries melt away, and our souls find peace. 🕊️

76. With Radha-Krishna’s unconditional love as my inspiration, I strive to love unconditionally and selflessly. 💗

77. Radha-Krishna’s love story is a testament to the power of faith, devotion, and divine grace. 🌼

78. Just like the enchanting Radha Krishna love quotes, may our love be timeless and divine as human beings. 💖🌟

79. In the divine wisdom of Radha-Krishna, I find solace, love, and eternal bliss. 💞✨

80. May the enchanting love story of Radha-Krishna inspire us to seek the divine within. 💫

81. The eternal love of Radha-Krishna is a reminder of the power of true love and devotion. 💟

82. Radha-Krishna Self love: The divine couple whose love transcends all boundaries and inspires us to love unconditionally. 🌺

83. May the divine love of Radha and Krishna fill our hearts with joy, peace, and eternal bliss. 🌷💕

84. The love story of Radha-Krishna is a beautiful reminder that true love is eternal and divine. 🌸💖

85. Just like the self love between Radha and Krishna, may our love be boundless and everlasting. 💗✨

86. Radha-Krishna’s love is a symbol of purity, devotion, and the eternal bond between two souls. 💟🌼

87. In the divine wisdom of Radha-Krishna, I find the strength to love deeply, selflessly, and eternally. 💞🌟


These Radha Krishna quotes in English have the power to touch our hearts and inspire us to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. They remind us that love is the essence of all existence and that it is only through love that we can attain true happiness and contentment. On Janamashtmi, in Mathura and Vrindavan, a seven-day festival is organized to honor the birth of Krishna. Various plays and games are played to honor Radha Krishna’s love relationship.

Let us take inspiration from these timeless teachings and strive to live a life filled with love, joy, and peace as said by Dalai Lama.

By following the teachings of Radha and Krishna love quotes, we can cultivate a deep sense of devotion and compassion towards ourselves and others as inspired by Nelson Mandela. We can learn to live in the present moment, to let go of our fears and insecurities, and to embrace life with open hearts and minds.



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