25+ Lord Krishna Quotes in English on Life , Love, Karma & Truth

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Lord Krishna’s teachings possess the power to inspire and uplift even during life’s most challenging moments. Today, these Krishna Quotes in English are important to begin a voyage of self-discovery, contemplation, and spiritual growth. This is not merely a fantastical notion but rather grounded in logic and experience. Read on to explore how these quotes can transform your mindset. 

When you find yourself feeling hopeless or underestimated by others, delving into these wise words by Lord Krishna can help you rediscover a sense of hope and purpose. 

As history reveals, Lord Krishna guided Arjuna and the Pandavas to triumph in the war. His exceptional strategies and tactics employed during the battle continue to be regarded as some of the finest in history. Thus, Mahabharata’s quotes also serve as strategic advice to encourage and motivate ourselves in trying times.

Lord Krishna Quotes on Trust

1. This is the truth that after being cheated on by your most special person, even if people want to, they cannot trust anyone completely.

Meaning: Experiencing betrayal from someone close can have a lasting impact on one’s ability to trust others fully. It acknowledges the difficulty in completely trusting again, even if one desires to do so.

Quotes on trust

2. Parents are like a wall that will protect you from all the bad things in this world. They will act as a shield against all the potential threats of time and space.

Meaning: Parents play a crucial role in providing protection, guidance, and support to their children. They act as a strong barrier against the adversities and challenges that life may bring, ensuring their child’s well-being.

Quotes on parents

3. I am present in every soul and every living and non-living thing. If you want to love me, then respect everything where I say I am attending.

Meaning: This quote reflects a spiritual perspective that suggests a divine presence within everything in existence. It emphasizes the importance of respecting and valuing all aspects of creation as a way to express love for the divine.

Quote on soul

4. It is not your duty to think about what others say or do. Your commitment and role are to try to be constant like an ocean and keep flowing.

Meaning: The quote encourages individuals to focus on their own path and purpose without being overly influenced by the opinions and actions of others. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s own integrity and resilience in the face of external circumstances.

Quotes on duty

5. I am ready to teach you everything needed to survive in this world and beyond. But are you prepared to be the student that I want?

Meaning: This quote suggests that there is a higher wisdom or divine presence willing to impart knowledge and guidance. However, it also emphasizes the need for individuals to be open, receptive, and willing to learn in order to benefit from such teachings.

Quotes by Krishna on world

6. Be bold in committing mistakes. They are proof that you are trying and not giving up easily.

Meaning: This quote encourages embracing mistakes as valuable learning opportunities. It highlights the importance of taking risks, being courageous, and viewing mistakes as stepping stones toward growth and progress.

Quotes on mistakes

7. A flower always spreads aroma despite the conditions, a river always flows, and the sun always shines. A character should always be the same in every situation.

Meaning: This quote emphasizes the importance of consistency and integrity in one’s character. Just as natural elements like flowers, rivers, and the sun remain true to their inherent qualities regardless of external circumstances, individuals are encouraged to embody steadfastness and positivity regardless of the situations they encounter.

Quotes by Krishna on character

8. Keep your mind healthy and with fewer thoughts. Sometimes less is more and can be the only way to have peace.

Meaning: This quote highlights the significance of maintaining a calm and clutter-free mind. It suggests that reducing excessive thoughts and focusing on simplicity can lead to inner peace and tranquility.

Quote on peace

9. If you want to make the world a happy place, then do start with yourself.

Meaning: This quote emphasizes personal responsibility for creating a happier world. It suggests that individuals should begin by cultivating happiness within themselves, as their inner state has the potential to influence the world around them.

Quotes on happiness

10. Never question your decision after making it, and never decide without thinking over it.

Meaning: This quote emphasizes the importance of thoughtful decision-making. It encourages individuals to make decisions with careful consideration, but once a decision is made, it advises against doubting or second-guessing oneself, promoting confidence and conviction in one’s choices.

Quotes by Krishna on thinking

11. Do not try to start a war in the first place. Nothing in this world can be sorted only through war. Words have a great power to heal.

Meaning: This quote advocates for peaceful resolution and the power of effective communication. It suggests that conflicts should be avoided whenever possible, as war rarely brings true resolution. Instead, it highlights the transformative power of words and the potential for healing through dialogue and understanding.

Quotes by Krishna on war

Quotes by Lord Krishna on Inner Peace

12. I am all alone and have no one to care for, and I will die alone are only your thoughts. I have never left anyone alone till death and beyond.

Meaning: This quote reassures that the feeling of loneliness and abandonment is a misconception. It conveys the idea that the divine presence or a higher power is always with individuals, providing support and care, even in their darkest moments. It offers solace and the reminder that one is never truly alone.

Quotes by Krishna on death

13. Be calm like an ocean, as sometimes it may seem that many tides appear on the surface, but deep inside, there is no movement.

Meaning: This quote symbolizes the importance of maintaining inner calm and stability amidst external fluctuations. It suggests that, like the serene depths of the ocean, one should strive for a sense of tranquility and stability within, even when faced with turbulent situations or emotions.

Quotes by Krishna on calmness

14. I am the only answer to all your questions, worries, and doubts. I am with which everything starts and ends. In the end, I will be all that is needed and left.

Meaning: This quote reflects a spiritual perspective that seeks solace and guidance from a higher power. It suggests that ultimate fulfillment and resolution can be found in connecting with the divine. It conveys the idea that the divine presence is the source of all beginnings and endings, and ultimately, it is the ultimate necessity and fulfillment.

Quotes by Krishna on worries

15. The sooner you realize that you are nothing, the sooner you will know that you need nothing.

Meaning: This quote highlights the importance of humility and self-realization. It suggests that by recognizing the transient and impermanent nature of the self, one can attain a sense of liberation and contentment. It implies that when one realizes the true nature of oneself, the desires and attachments that drive the need for external validation and possessions diminish.

Quotes by Krishna on wisdom

16. Be thankful to god in every life situation because you do not know what he has planned for you.

Meaning: This quote emphasizes the value of gratitude and trust in a higher power. It suggests that even in challenging or uncertain circumstances, expressing gratitude towards a divine force can help cultivate a positive mindset. It encourages individuals to have faith in the divine plan, recognizing that it may unfold in ways beyond their current understanding.

Quotes by Krishna on god

17. If you blindly love someone, make a decision, and never think about it. If you succeed, you will be in heaven; if you fail, you will learn.

Meaning: This quote speaks to the power of unconditional and unwavering love. It suggests that when one loves someone deeply, one should make committed decisions without hesitation or doubt. Regardless of the outcome, success brings immense joy and fulfillment, while failure becomes an opportunity for growth and learning.

Krishna Quotes on learning

18. There should always be equality in your actions, words, thinking, and karma. It is the only way to live a disciplined life.

Meaning: This quote emphasizes the importance of harmony and balance in every aspect of life. It suggests that consistency and equality between one’s actions, words, thoughts, and karmic deeds are essential for living a disciplined and purposeful life. It encourages individuals to align their intentions and behaviors to maintain coherence and integrity.

Quotes by Krishna on equality

19. Silence is the answer to harsh words. Words have healing power, but silence is the only thing that works for good and bad behavior.

Meaning: This quote underscores the value of silence as a response to negative or hurtful words. It suggests that in the face of harsh language, choosing silence can be a powerful and effective means of diffusing tension and promoting peace. While words have the potential to heal, silence holds the ability to address both positive and negative behaviors, allowing for reflection and a more thoughtful response.

Quotes by Krishna on silence

20. Everything is connected to everything else in the best possible manner.

Meaning: This quote highlights the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things in existence. It conveys the idea that every aspect of the universe is intricately linked, and there is a harmonious and optimal order to this interconnectedness. It encourages individuals to recognize and appreciate the interwoven nature of life, fostering a sense of unity and reverence for the interconnected whole.

Lord Krishna Quotes about Life Learnings

21. The world is a big circle; what you give returns to you similarly.

Meaning: This quote expresses the concept of karma, suggesting that one’s actions and intentions ultimately come back to them. It conveys the idea that the energy and actions one puts out into the world have a way of returning to them in a similar manner. It encourages individuals to consider the consequences of their actions and to cultivate positive intentions to attract positive outcomes.

Quotes by Krishna on world

22. Forgive the bad and evil, but do not forget what you learned from them.

Meaning: This quote advocates for forgiveness as a means of personal growth and liberation. It suggests that while it is important to forgive those who have caused harm or acted maliciously, it is equally important to retain the lessons learned from those experiences. By forgiving but not forgetting, one can move forward with wisdom and avoid repeating past mistakes.

Quotes by Krishna on learning

23. When you come to the world, you bring your luck; when you go from this world, you take away your karma.

Meaning: This quote alludes to the idea that individuals bring their own unique destiny or fortune when they are born into the world. It suggests that one’s actions and deeds in life accumulate as karma, shaping their future experiences and spiritual journey. It emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability for the consequences of one’s actions.

Quotes by Krishna on luck

24. Never hold a grudge against someone; discuss it immediately, as it is better to burn for a moment than to smoke for a long time.

Meaning: This quote emphasizes the importance of open communication and resolving conflicts promptly. It advises against holding grudges, which can breed negativity and resentment over time. It suggests that addressing issues directly and honestly, even if it causes temporary discomfort, is more beneficial than allowing grievances to fester and create long-term unhappiness.

Quotes by Krishna on time

25. Time is a great healer; if today is bad, tomorrow will be good. The only thing constant about time is that it will change.

Meaning: This quote acknowledges the transient nature of time and its ability to bring healing and transformation. It reminds individuals that even in difficult moments, time has the power to bring about positive change and new opportunities. It encourages patience and optimism, knowing that circumstances can improve as time progresses.

krishna quotes in english on time

26. Being a parent is a very pleasurable experience. Living life with enthusiasm and mastering oneself gives happiness.

Meaning: This quote highlights the joys and fulfillment that come with the role of being a parent. It suggests that actively embracing life, approaching it with enthusiasm, and continuously striving for self-improvement lead to true happiness. It emphasizes the importance of personal growth and the profound rewards that come from nurturing and guiding others.

Quotes by Krishna on parents

27. God tests our faith in the demanding situations of life. So treat every situation as a test and try to succeed through it.

Meaning: This quote suggests that challenges and difficult situations serve as tests of faith and character. It implies that these trials are opportunities for growth and development. By perceiving every circumstance as a test and approaching it with resilience and determination, one can strive to overcome obstacles and demonstrate faith in a higher power.

Quotes by Krishna on faith

28. Even though you claim to be wise, you cry over things that don’t deserve it; sensible people don’t cry over the living or the dead.

Meaning: This quote challenges the notion of wisdom and suggests that truly wise individuals do not waste their emotions on unworthy causes. It implies that crying or grieving over insignificant matters or individuals who are alive or deceased is a futile use of energy. It encourages discernment and emotional intelligence in deciding where to invest one’s emotions.

Quotes by Krishna on death

29. I will grant you salvation if you quit all doctrines and religions and come to my shelter out of concern for your welfare.

Meaning: This quote presents a spiritual message, suggesting that true salvation or liberation can be attained by transcending the limitations of doctrines and religious dogmas. It invites individuals to seek refuge in a divine presence out of genuine care and concern for their well-being, transcending the confines of specific belief systems.

Quotes by Krishna on salvation

30. Life’s harsher realities force you to consider things that, in happier circumstances, you might not have ever felt.

Meaning: This quote acknowledges that challenging experiences in life often compel individuals to confront emotions and thoughts that they might not have encountered during happier times. It suggests that adversity can lead to deeper introspection and self-awareness, prompting individuals to delve into aspects of themselves they may have otherwise overlooked or avoided.

Quotes by Krishna on life


In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, Krishna’s Quotes in English, reflected in his perceptive comments, are vital for personal and spiritual development. Lord Vishnu’s incarnation teaches truth, love, and inner tranquility. His Bhagavad Gita knowledge affected generations. Krishna quotes advises love, dharma, and righteousness for life’s obstacles.

Applying these fundamental concepts to daily life helps us comprehend ourselves and our interconnectedness. Lord Krishna’s timeless knowledge can help us overcome our limitations, face Kaliyuga, and improve our lives.



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