40+ Hanuman Quotes in English with Images for Strength, Wisdom & Power

Lord Hanuman is one of the most iconic figures in Hinduism, and his courage and devotion to Lord Rama have been celebrated for centuries. He has been an inspiration to millions around the world. We have compiled some inspiring Hanuman Quotes in English that will fill you with strength and courage. let us have a look at these quotes.

Hanuman Quotes on Strength & Power

1. Be brave and do what must be done – Hanumanhanuman on bravity

2. Surrender to God, and all your worries will be gone – Hanuman

hanuman ji on stress

3. One who knows how to bow down before the Lord can receive anything – Mahaveer Hanuman

hanuman on peace

4. Enlightenment is the highest gain – Hanuman


5. Do not give up in difficult times, for strength lies within you – Hanuman

quote on difficult times

6. No one can conquer time, but time conquers all – Hanuman

brave hanuman ji

7. There is no greater power than faith – Hanuman

hanuman power

8. The only way to victory is through hard work and dedication – Hanuman

hanuman victory

9. Loyalty to your cause will lead you to success – Hanuman

hanuman on loyalty

10. Forgiveness unlocks the door to true freedom – Hanuman

hanuman on forgiveness

11. Faith is the bridge between you and God – Hanuman

hanuman on faith

12. Love all, serve all – Hanuman

hanuman on love

13. Be humble and respectful, no matter what your station in life may be – Hanuman

hanuman on humble

14. The thoughts of the wise are like torches in the dark – Hanuman

lord hanuman ji

15. Gratitude will open doors of abundance – Hanuman

hanuman on gratitude

16. Let go of your ego and pride and accept help when it’s offered – Hanuman

quote on ego

17. Knowledge brings power, but wisdom brings peace – Hanuman

quote on knowledge

18. The only way to achieve success is through hard work and determination – Hanuman

quote on success

19. To know yourself, you must first understand God – Hanuman

quote on god

20. You are stronger than your fears and doubts – Hanuman

quotes on doubts

21. Be patient in adversity and courageous in the face of danger – Hanuman

quotes on patience

22. The highest form of devotion is to serve mankind – Hanuman

hanuman ji on devotion to lord rama

23. Work diligently and seek God’s grace to obtain success – Hanuman

hanuman ji work ethics

24. No matter how hard things seem, never give up hope – Bajrang bali

hanuman ji on hope

25. Stay focused on your goals and never give up – Hanuman

hanuman ji on focus

26. The only way to make progress is to keep moving forward – Bajrang Bali

hanuman ji on progress

27. True happiness comes from within – Hanuman

hanuman ji on happiness

28. Never be afraid to ask for help – Hanuman

quote on help

29. Trust in the Lord and have faith that He will guide you – Hanuman

quote on trust

30. Knowledge is power, but wisdom brings peace – Bajrang Bali

hanuman ji on knowledge

Hanuman Quotes on Wisdom

31. Do not be discouraged by failure, for with each one, we learn and grow – Hanuman

hanuman ji on failure

32. Make every moment count, for life is fleeting – Hanuman

hanuman ji on moments

33. The path of righteousness leads to true freedom – Hanuman

hanuman on freedom

34. Service to others is a true sign of greatness – Hanuman

hanuman ji on greatness

35. To move forward, one must let go of the past – Bajrang bali

hanuman ji on past

36. Be kind to everyone, regardless of their station in life – Hanuman

hanuman ji on life

37. Persevere and have faith that all will be well in the end – Hanuman

hanuman ji on faith

38. A sincere prayer offered with devotion can solve any problem – Hanuman

hanuman ji on prayer

39. Through service to others, one finds true joy – Bajrang bali

hanuman ji on service to others

40. Nase Rog Hare Sab Pira, Jo Sumire Hanumat Balbira – Shree Hanuman Chalisa


So, these were the Hanuman Quotes in English picked out from Ramayana, Shree Hanuman Chalisa, and Sundar Kand. These quotes will enlighten you in life and give you the courage, strength, and wisdom to phase tough situations in life.

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