65+ Mahadev Quotes on Life, Peace, Karma ,Time & Moksha

Shiva, also known as “Mahadev and Neelkanth,” is one of the main divinities of Hinduism. We have selected the best possible quotes by him on Karma, Moksha, Time, Life, and Death.

Shiva is the supreme god who creates, saves, and alters the Universe as and when the need arises. Here are some mindblowing quotes on Mahadev.

Mahadev Quotes In English

1.”Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: This quote suggests that instead of searching for one’s true self externally, one should focus on actively shaping and developing their own identity through their choices, actions, and self-discovery.

shiva quote on life

2.“Om Namah Shivaya” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: “Om Namah Shivaya” is a sacred mantra in Hinduism dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a powerful chant that is believed to invoke the divine presence of Shiva and express reverence and surrender to him.

om namah shivay

3.“When all the desires of your mind cease to exist, that is when you become one with me.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva indicates that true unity with the divine can be attained when one transcends the desires and attachments of the mind. By letting go of worldly desires, one can experience a sense of oneness with the spiritual essence represented by Shiva.

damru shiva

4.“The one who has attained the knowledge of truth is free from all bonds and limitations.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: This quote implies that true liberation comes from gaining a deep understanding and wisdom about the fundamental truths of existence. When one acquires this knowledge, they become free from the constraints and limitations that bind them.

Truth shiva murti

5.“I am present in every form, everywhere and all times, yet I cannot be seen with physical eyes.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva represents the omnipresence of the divine. This quote signifies that the essence of Shiva exists in every being and every aspect of the universe, but perceiving this divine presence requires going beyond the limitations of the physical senses.

Shiva quote on form

6.“Nothing else matters but your true nature.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the importance of recognizing and aligning with one’s true nature or inner self. Material possessions, societal expectations, and external validations hold little significance compared to the journey of self-realization and living in accordance with one’s authentic nature.


7.“For those who remember me in their thoughts, I stay close to them at all times.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva conveys that when individuals keep their minds focused on him and maintain a spiritual connection through remembrance and devotion, he remains intimately present in their lives, offering guidance, protection, and support.

shiva meditation

8.“The present moment is the only thing that matters and brings us closer to our true selves.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva highlights the significance of living in the present moment. It is in the present that we can experience our true selves and connect with the divine. By being fully present, we can cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and our spiritual nature.

quote on moment

9.“The soul never dies; it just takes different forms throughout its journey of life and death.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva affirms the eternal nature of the soul, suggesting that it is not subject to death but rather undergoes a continuous cycle of reincarnation. The soul transcends physical existence and transitions from one form to another in its evolutionary journey.

quote on soul

10.“True happiness is found within yourself, not in materialistic possessions or relationships with others.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: This quote signifies that genuine happiness arises from within one’s own being and is not reliant on external circumstances. Material wealth and external relationships may provide temporary satisfaction, but lasting happiness is rooted in inner contentment and self-discovery.

shivlinga black

11.”Knowledge comes from experience, not books alone”– Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the importance of experiential learning over theoretical knowledge. While books and teachings have their place, true wisdom and understanding come from personal experiences and direct encounters with life’s realities.


12.”The path to enlightenment lies within yourself, not in the external world”– Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva suggests that the journey to spiritual enlightenment and self-realization is an internal process. It is not dependent on external circumstances or possessions, but rather on turning inward, exploring one’s own consciousness, and connecting with the divine essence within.


13.”You can’t control everything that happens, but you can control your response to it.”– Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva reminds us that while we may not have control over external events, we have the power to choose our attitude and response towards them. Our inner strength and resilience lie in how we navigate and adapt to life’s challenges and uncertainties.

quote on control

14.“Actions have consequences and the law of karma is always at play.” – Bholenath

Meaning: Bholenath (another name for Lord Shiva) highlights the principle of karma, which states that our actions have consequences that affect our future experiences. It serves as a reminder to act with awareness and responsibility, knowing that our choices shape our destiny.

quote on actions

15.”The key to success lies in hard work and dedication, not luck or fame” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the importance of perseverance, diligence, and unwavering commitment as the keys to achieving success. True accomplishments come from sincere effort and dedication rather than relying on external factors like luck or temporary fame.

shiva on success

16.”Peace comes from within; do not seek it outside.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva teaches that true peace and tranquility can only be found by looking within oneself. External possessions, circumstances, or relationships may bring temporary happiness, but lasting inner peace arises from cultivating a calm and balanced state of mind.

peace quote

17.”Time is a great teacher; use every moment wisely.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva acknowledges the value of time as a profound teacher. Each passing moment provides an opportunity for growth, learning, and self-improvement. It encourages individuals to make the most of every moment and live with purpose and mindfulness.

time affirmation

18.“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!” – Bholenath

Meaning: Bholenath emphasizes the limitless potential within every individual. The quote suggests that by adopting a positive mindset and having faith in oneself, one can overcome obstacles and achieve what may initially seem impossible.

shiva quote

19.“One must surrender completely to me before being able to realize me.” – Har Har Mahadev

Meaning: The realization of oneself and not giving up in any situation can lead to amazing self-confidence and growth. Before realizing the world one must realize itself.

lord shiva

20.“Let go of your ego and identify yourself with the infinite.” – Devon ke Dev, Mahadev

Meaning: This quote encourages individuals to transcend the limitations of the ego, which often creates divisions and illusions of separateness. By detaching from the ego and identifying with the infinite and boundless nature of the divine, one can attain a higher state of consciousness and unity.

lord shiva on ego

21.“Change is the only constant in life; embrace it.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva reminds us that change is an inherent part of life. Everything in the universe is subject to change and transformation. Instead of resisting or fearing change, embracing it allows us to flow with the natural rhythms of life and adapt to new circumstances.

constant life

22.“Fear not, for I am always there to protect you.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva offers assurance and comfort, emphasizing that one should not be afraid because divine protection and guidance are always available. It reminds individuals to trust in the divine presence and find solace in knowing that they are not alone in their journey.

shiva on fear

23.”Experience everything, but be detached from it.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva encourages individuals to engage fully in life’s experiences, embracing them with an open heart and mind. However, true detachment means not being overly attached or dependent on external circumstances, outcomes, or possessions. It entails maintaining a state of inner equilibrium amidst the ever-changing nature of the world.

shiva experience

24.”The goal of life is to reach enlightenment.” – Mahadev

Meaning: Mahadev conveys that the ultimate purpose of human existence is to attain enlightenment or spiritual awakening. It involves transcending the cycle of birth and death, realizing one’s true nature, and merging with the divine consciousness.

quote on enlightenment

25.“Do not forget that all power comes from within” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva reminds individuals that true power and strength originate from within oneself. It signifies the importance of self-belief, inner resilience, and tapping into one’s inner resources to overcome challenges and obstacles.

power shiva quote

26.”Knowledge is more important than wealth.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the significance of knowledge and wisdom over material wealth. While material possessions have their value, true wealth lies in acquiring knowledge, understanding, and spiritual insights that bring lasting fulfillment and growth.

shiva knowledge

27.”Enlightenment is found through meditation and inner peace.” – Mahadev

Meaning: Mahadev highlights the transformative power of meditation and cultivating inner peace as a means to attain enlightenment. By quieting the mind, going inward, and connecting with the divine essence, one can transcend the limitations of the ego and experience a state of spiritual illumination.

shiva medidation quote

28.”Everything is transient; nothing can last forever”– Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva reminds us of the impermanence of all things in the material world. Everything, including joy, sorrow, relationships, and material possessions, is subject to change and eventual dissolution. It urges individuals to cultivate detachment and seek deeper truths beyond the temporary nature of existence.

shivlinga with trishul

29.“Love should not be confined to one place or person, it should be spread around” – Mahakal

Meaning: Mahakal (another name for Lord Shiva) emphasizes the universal nature of love. Love should not be limited to a specific place or person but rather shared and expressed to all beings. It encourages individuals to cultivate love, compassion, and kindness in all their interactions.

trishul quote

30.“Live life to the fullest, because death will come soon enough” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva reminds us of the transient nature of life and encourages individuals to embrace each moment fully. It serves as a reminder to live with vitality, passion, and purpose, recognizing that life is finite and that death is an inevitable part of the human experience.

lord shiva meditating

31.“Let go of all your desires, for they are only a distraction from true happiness” – Mahadev

Meaning: Mahadev advises individuals to release attachment to desires, as they often create a sense of longing and discontentment. True happiness is not found in fulfilling every desire but rather in cultivating inner contentment and aligning with one’s higher purpose.


32.”Quiet the mind and open yourself up to me”– Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva encourages individuals to still the chatter of the mind through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and introspection. By quieting the mind, one can create space for a deeper connection with the divine presence and tap into higher states of consciousness.

shiv linga and diyas

33.”The only thing that matters is truth”– Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the importance of seeking and aligning with truth in all aspects of life. Truth represents the ultimate reality and serves as a guiding principle for living with integrity, authenticity, and spiritual clarity.

truth quote

34.”Life is an illusion; find out what is real”– Mahadev

Meaning: Mahadev suggests that the external world and its experiences are transient and may create illusions and attachments. The true essence of existence lies beyond these illusions, and seeking the deeper reality is essential for spiritual growth and self-realization.

quote on life

35.”The truest of friends are those who stay with you through thick and thin”– Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva highlights the significance of genuine friendships that endure during both difficult and joyful times. True friends offer unwavering support, understanding, and companionship, fostering deep connections based on trust and loyalty.

quote on friends

36.“It is not the destination, but the journey that matters” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the importance of embracing the process and experiences encountered along the way, rather than solely focusing on the end result. The journey itself provides opportunities for growth, learning, and self-discovery.

journey words

37.“Strength comes from within; do not be dependent on others” – Har Har Mahadev

Meaning: Har Har Mahadev highlights the inherent strength and power within every individual. Relying on one’s own inner resources and cultivating self-reliance is vital for personal growth, resilience, and overcoming challenges.

strength quotes

38.“You cannot control life, but you can learn to accept it” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva acknowledges that life is unpredictable and beyond our complete control. However, one can develop the ability to accept and adapt to life’s circumstances with grace, resilience, and equanimity.

quotes about life

39.”Do not rush, take your time and enjoy the small moments.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva reminds us to slow down and appreciate the present moment. By being fully present and mindful, we can find joy and fulfillment in the simple, often overlooked moments of life.

shivlinga quote on life

40.”Be wise in all your actions.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva advises individuals to act with wisdom and discernment in every aspect of life. It encourages making conscious choices, considering the consequences of actions, and aligning one’s behavior with higher principles and values.

quote on being wise

41.”Trust yourself more than anyone else.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the importance of self-trust and self-reliance. While seeking guidance and advice from others can be valuable, ultimately, one should trust their own intuition, wisdom, and inner guidance when making decisions and navigating life’s challenges.

quotes on trust

42.“In order to find yourself, you must first lose yourself” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva suggests that true self-discovery and self-realization require letting go of ego, attachments, and the illusions of the external world. By transcending the limited sense of self and surrendering to the divine, one can discover their true essence and connection with the higher consciousness.

baby shiva

43.”Life is not about the end result — it’s about living every moment with joy and enthusiasm.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva reminds us that the true essence of life lies in the present moment. It’s not solely about achieving specific outcomes or reaching goals but about embracing each moment with a sense of joy, enthusiasm, and appreciation for the journey itself.

shiva dhyan

44.”Focus on what you have rather than what you lack.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva encourages individuals to cultivate gratitude and shift their focus from what is lacking to what they already possess. By appreciating and acknowledging the abundance in their lives, one can experience a greater sense of contentment and fulfillment.

lord shiva focus

45.”The only way to find peace is to be still.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva suggests that inner peace can be attained by cultivating a state of inner stillness and tranquility. By quieting the restless mind and finding moments of stillness, one can connect with a deeper sense of peace that exists beyond external noise and distractions.

white shivlinga

46.“Your thoughts are the building blocks of your destiny” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva highlights the power of thoughts in shaping one’s reality and future. By cultivating positive, empowering, and focused thoughts, individuals can create a positive and fulfilling destiny for themselves.

lord shiva on destiny

47.“Be who you are and accept no substitutes” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the importance of authenticity and staying true to oneself. It encourages individuals to embrace their unique qualities, strengths, and individuality, rather than conforming to societal expectations or trying to be someone they are not.

lord shiva shadow

48.“You hold the key to your own liberation” – Mahadev

Meaning: Mahadev reminds individuals that personal liberation and spiritual freedom lie within their own hands. Each person has the power to break free from limiting beliefs, attachments, and illusions, and to embark on a transformative journey towards self-realization.

shiva quotes

49.”Be brave in the face of fear.” – Bholenath

Meaning: Bholenath encourages individuals to cultivate courage and resilience when confronting fear and challenges. It signifies the importance of facing fears head-on, stepping out of comfort zones, and embracing growth and transformation despite uncertainties.

shiva on being brave

50.”Let go of the past and look forward to the future with optimism.” – Har Har Mahadev

Meaning: Har Har Mahadev advises individuals to release attachments to the past, including regrets and resentments. By letting go, one can embrace the future with a positive outlook, open to new opportunities, and possibilities for growth and happiness.

mahadev quotes on past

51.”Treasure the present moment and create beautiful memories.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva encourages individuals to cherish and fully experience the present moment. By being fully present and engaged in the here and now, one can create meaningful and beautiful memories that enrich their journey through life.

shiva on moments quotes

52.“Your happiness is within you — look for it there” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva reminds individuals that true happiness is not dependent on external circumstances or other people. It resides within each individual and can be found by exploring one’s inner self, cultivating inner peace, and aligning with one’s true nature.

quotes on happiness

53.“Patience and hard work will always pay off in the end” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the value of patience and perseverance. Through consistent effort and dedication, one can overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and reap the rewards of their hard work in due time.

neelkanth shiva

54.”Life is a journey, not a race.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva reminds us that life is not about rushing to reach a destination but rather about embracing the unfolding journey. It encourages individuals to enjoy the process, learn from experiences, and savor each step along the way.

shivlinga with flowers

55.”Recognize your weaknesses and use them to become stronger.”– Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva highlights the importance of self-awareness and self-improvement. By acknowledging and understanding our weaknesses, we can work on them, develop inner strength, and transform them into sources of growth and resilience.

mahadeva shiva lord golden

56.”Be the master of your own destiny.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva empowers individuals to take control of their lives and shape their own destinies. It encourages self-empowerment, personal responsibility, and the realization that each person has the ability to make choices and create the life they desire.

trishul shadow

57.”Love yourself first before trying to love others”– Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-care. It reminds individuals that by nurturing and loving themselves, they can cultivate a healthy foundation from which to extend love, compassion, and kindness to others.

trishul with bells

58.“You are capable of anything if you put your mind to it” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva instills confidence and self-belief in individuals. It conveys that with determination, focus, and a positive mindset, one can overcome challenges and achieve great things in life.

shiva chandan mark

59.“The future is bright if you have the courage to take chances” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva encourages individuals to embrace courage and take bold risks in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations. It suggests that stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and embracing uncertainty can lead to a future filled with opportunities and growth.

shivalinga animated

60.”Trust your instincts and act upon them.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva reminds individuals to trust their inner guidance and intuition. It encourages listening to one’s instincts and having the courage to act upon them, as they often lead to paths that align with one’s highest good.

shiva on instincts quote

61.”Live with grace, peace, and contentment.”– Mahadev

Meaning: Mahadev encourages individuals to embrace a way of life characterized by grace, inner peace, and contentment. It emphasizes the importance of cultivating a calm and tranquil state of being, finding peace within oneself, and embracing a sense of gratitude and fulfillment in each moment.

three shivlings black

62.“Let joy be your guide on life’s journey” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva suggests that joy should be the guiding force in one’s life. It encourages individuals to pursue activities, relationships, and experiences that bring them genuine joy and fulfillment. By following the path of joy, one can lead a more purposeful and meaningful life.

shiva in white meditating

63.“Be humble in success and gracious in defeat” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva emphasizes the qualities of humility and graciousness in both success and failure. It reminds individuals to remain grounded and modest when achieving success, avoiding arrogance or ego. Similarly, in times of defeat, it encourages maintaining grace, resilience, and a positive attitude.

shiva quote on being humble

64.”Never forget that knowledge is power.”– Mahadev

Meaning: Mahadev highlights the importance of knowledge as a source of empowerment. It suggests that acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and understanding empowers individuals to make informed choices, overcome challenges, and navigate life with greater clarity and confidence.

mahadeva dhyan mudra

65.”Take time to appreciate the beauty of nature.” – Lord Shiva

Meaning: Lord Shiva invites individuals to pause, connect with, and appreciate the beauty and wonders of the natural world. It encourages developing a deep sense of reverence, awe, and gratitude for the natural environment, fostering a deeper connection with the divine and finding solace in the serenity of nature.

lord shiva on nature


On the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri, the devotees of Mahadev do fasting for a day. This day holds great importance as it is one of the sacred days in Hinduism. All Mahadev Quotes have been selected by our experts to guide you well on courage, power, strength, and wisdom in your life.

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